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This week, on CBS hit reality show Big Brother, as part of Season 16, Caleb Reynolds was evicted by his fellow houseguests over 22-year-old photographer Victoria Rafaeli by a vote of 1-0. Caleb, 26, [...]

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We’ve been longing to see if Julianne Hough’s new job as judge on hit hoofing reality show Dancing with the Stars would live up to the hype ever since it was announced she’d be [...]

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Screen queen Kim Kardashian has topped the Reality TV Richest List, as revealed by the British Sun on Sunday, thanks to a fortune put at well over $63m. As if you’d forgotten, Kim, who [...]

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Andy Dick Arrest Mugshot (May 2, 2011)

Andy Dick Arrest Mugshot (May 2, 2011)

Posted:06/06/11 @ 04PM EST

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The new season of The Biggest Loser (the sixteenth) includes Jessie Pavelka and Jennifer Wilderstrom as the show’s trainers. The pair are joining returning trainer Dolvett Quince, and the show returned to our screens [...]

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  The host of Bachelor in Paradise, Chris Harrison, admits he would never have imagined Cody Sattler and Michelle Money pairing off. “Those two shocked me from the start-off, probably because Michelle herself was [...]

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Grammy-nominated rapper Ja Rule has become the one of the latest musicians to get his own reality show; and MTV’s Follow the Rules is a comedic series set to follow life in his hectic [...]

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Reality TV queen Kim Kardashian has bared her soul (and one or two other things, given that she did the shoot in nothing but stilettos) for a recent issue of British GQ  magazine. The sultry [...]

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The Good Life, an unscripted reality show which made its debut in June, features Cee Lo Green as he goes about his daily life. Now TBS says it’s axing the show about the 39-year-old [...]

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As soon as a Bachelorette gives her guy his final rose, the doom mongers start predicting relationship disaster. And, to be fair, in many cases they have a point – the harsh reality is [...]

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A member of the crew on long-running TV reality show Cops has been shot dead after police offers who were being filmed for it fired when they were called to an armed robbery at [...]

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They say that as one door shuts, another opens. And that certainly seems to be true in the case of Iowa farmer Chris Soules. The 32-year-old has been picked as the main man for [...]

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The Amazing Race has scooped the Outstanding Reality Competition gong for the 10th year in a row at Sunday night’s 66th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards. Especially impressive when you realize the category was only [...]

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The cable network WE has greenlit the show Sex Box which, as the title suggests, will feature couples getting intimate on set – in a box. The program is adapted from a British series [...]

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The undisputed queen of reality TV Kim Kardashian has been enjoying yet another holiday – though we ‘re not quite sure what from! Anyways, this time it’s a romantic vacation with her husband, rapper [...]