The RobotCeleb Staff

Tim Smith
Tim enjoys long walks on the beach, fishing and of course, writing about Taylor Swift. While his views may offend some, he is just out to make the world of celebrity gossip a better place. Did I mention he loves Taylor Swift?
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Jeff Kane
Jeff enjoys sipping a nice wine while relaxing in front of a fire and listening to classical music while he considers various ways to conquer the world. While waiting to become a dictator on Earth he spends his free times writing about various subjects, playing video games and hanging with his friends who will no doubt be jealous of him when he is World Leader.
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Maria Hepburn
Maria is originally from New York. She enjoys music, film noir, and obsessing over Justin Bieber. Her writing style can best be described as strange, insulting, and erratic. Sometimes she manages to be funny, but usually it’s a miss.
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T Mart
T Mart was born and raised in South Florida. A self proclaimed "sports nut", T Mart enjoys everything sports related but mainly focuses on baseball, basketball, football, and futbol. He uses humor and sarcasm in his writing which may be offensive to some, but its all good natured and in the name of fun.

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Greg Jones
Greg was born and raised in South Florida and hates long walks on the beach. His main hobbies involve playing an inordinate amount of video games and getting way too excited about politics. He focuses on satire and irony to make his writing stand out among the crowd which isn’t that hard considering his head is twice the size of his body.
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Molly McCollum
Molly is the latest addition to the RobotCeleb family! She’s a recent college graduate with a flair for writing. Luckily for us she’s a fan of the MTV reality shows & that’s just what we needed. So she will be your official MTV reality show correspondent, keep a look out for her articles!
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Dave B

Has the writing skills of a 3rd grader which is why you won’t see many articles on the site by him. Fortunately he’s much better in the fields of marketing and advertising. So if you’re looking to advertising or working on some sort of promotion with RobotCeleb, he’ll be the guy you deal with.
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