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Paul Teutul Jr. is best known from Discovery Channel’s hit series American Chopper. Since the beginning of the show, Paul Jr. and his father, Paul Teutul Sr. have always disagreed and butted heads. At the end of season 6 of American Chopper, Paul Teutul Jr. decided to quit Orange County Choppers which he co-founded to start his own business, Paul Jr. Designs. Discovery Channel’s show, which is now entitled American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior follows the two custom bike (Paul Jr. Designs, Orange County Choppers) shops as they go head to head. In 2010, Paul Teutul Jr. married Rachel Biester and his father, Paul Teutul Sr. did not attend the wedding.

Paul Teutul Jr. Fun Facts:

Age: 36
Birthday: October 2, 1974
Astrological Sign: Libra
Height: 5'9"
Home Town: Yonkers, New York

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  1. I believe that senior is out to slam jr no matter what happens I’ve heard a lot of lies come out of his mouth over the years. I hope jr wins the cadilac build off I’ve seen both bikes It’s jr all the way Senior says jr does not have the technology that senior has lets not forget senior wouldnt be where he is today with out jrs designs he made that company senior grabbed a hold of jrs coat tails and went along for the ride. senior is an arrogant jerk

  2. Appears to be up front takes a lot of abuse from senior. He could brush up on his work ethics. I’m not going to bash him for that. There are more important things in life. Senior is not a good example in what a Father should be. I’m not going to bqash him for that proof is in the pudding. You have a good thing going Paul keep it up

    • Where can I vote for best bike?

  3. You can vote for the best bike here:


    Right now Paul Jr. is killing the poll.

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