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Idiot with a Tripod: Roger Ebert Loves It

Posted by on December 30, 2010 at 9:20 PM EST

idiot-with-a-tripodIdiot with a Tripod is the final product of tons of snow, stuck cars, and Jamie Stuart from the massive storm that hit the Northeast recently. That being said, famed film critic Roger Ebert loves it. The short film is only three minutes long, and is just about snow. Lots of it. Snow in Queens more like it. Snow in the sense that dogs can’t go outside, cars are stuck and it was all caught on film.

Jamie Stuart stated he took a few shots outside, spending no more than than a hour and a half in the snow at one time. Then the next day, edited and uploaded the Idiot with a Tripod.

Hey I think it’s good. Hell it’s better than most of the movies out today. Maybe he could have gotten more scenes of dogs trying to go to the bathroom and people getting cars unstuck. Added in some the Benny Hill theme song and some people falling. Now that’s would be a classic! Check out the Idiot with a Tripod below.


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