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Paris Hilton and The Situation New Years Eve 2011

Posted by on December 30, 2010 at 7:17 PM EST

paris hilton 2011Paris Hilton and The Situation New Years Eve 2011 party predictions.

Paris Hilton and Mike Sorrentino aka The Situation have a lot more in common than you might think. They are both famous for no real reason other than acting like idiots in the public eye. They both have plenty of products they are selling and they both get paid to appear at clubs. New Year’s Eve should be a busy night for them.

Paris Hilton is supposedly in Cabo San Lucas for the New Year where she has been spending time at the beach in a bikini and soaking up the sun. I see her New Year’s Eve as being an eventful one where she shows up at a club, drinks heavily and dances around in a short skirt until she is so hammered that her skirt has ridden so high up what type of panties she is wearing (if she is wearing any at all) is no longer a mystery to everyone in the club.

The Situation will be hanging out at the MTV party where he will be watching Snooki getting dropped inside a big plastic ball. I can imagine that he and Snooki both get hammered, she gets dropped from the ball and wants to go, The Situation will want to stay and try to hook up with some big haired, over-tanned drunk chick so he gives Snooki a little slap, reminds her that he is the pimp daddy of the house then later he passes out and slobbers all over himself.

The two of them really should host a party together. They are both so self-absorbed they could have a contest to see who could show their body off the most while trying to act like they really don’t care if people are at them. Snooki could sit at a table nearby and throw pickles at them while J-WoWW teases everyone with her huge rack while not actually showing it off.

We want to wish Paris Hilton and The Situation a Happy New Year!



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