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Michael Vick 2010: Obama, Tucker Carlson and 2011 Pro Bowl

Posted by on December 30, 2010 at 3:27 PM EST

michael vick 2010Michael Vick ends 2010 with President Obama praise, Tucker Carlson execution antics and a spot in the 2011 Pro Bowl.

Michael Vick, convicted felon and QB for the Philadelphia Eagles is sending 2010 out with a bang. I recently reported on the Obama praise that he received as well as the Tucker Carlson execution comment that happened this week. Reader thoughts on both matters have been coming into our inbox and I just received quite an interesting video. Let’s not forget to mention that Vick will go head to head with Tom Brady in the 2011 Pro Bowl.

NEWSY has put together a collective of reactions that are a direct result of both the Obama-Vick praise and the Tucker Carlson FOX News rant. In their short piece they show off just exactly how people felt on the Michael Vick situation. Amongst Anderson Cooper, a spokesperson from the NAACP and an animal rights activist weigh in on the Vick-Obama-Carlson debacle.

Once again, I have already expressed my dislikes for Michael Vick as a person. I also don’t agree with the whole Obama praise thing either but Tucker Carlson was out of line with the execution statement, plain and simple.

As not to forget to mention some sort of good news, Vick will be in the 2011 Pro Bowl as he goes head to head with Tom Brady. Both of these star QB’s are in the running for NFL MVP and while most will say Vick will win, Tom Brady will be the MVP.

Here is the video in which NEWSY has compiled, it is pretty interesting to watch different peoples reactions to the recent Vick insanity:



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