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Chris Brown Death Threat

Posted by on December 30, 2010 at 10:24 AM EST

chris brown deathChris Brown death threat trends as Raz B’s brother Ricky Romance posted a video claiming he would kill Brown.

Chris Brown death threat video was released by Raz B‘s brother in response to the Twitter rant yesterday. The video is pretty hostile as Ricky Romance threatens to put a gun in Brown’s mouth. To me honestly this is pretty funny, I thought only tween girls fought online via tweets but I guess I was wrong. The online social network as gone all gangster as these wannabe thugs claim to be tough guys online. I am almost positive no actual harm is going to stem from this debacle but who knows.

As we reported yesterday, Chris Brown went on a homophobic tirade via Twitter when Raz B opened up his mouth about Rihanna. Now in direct response to Brown’s rant, Raz’s brother Ricky Romance posted up a nice little death threat video. I mean honestly, who in the hell is going to take a guy whose name is Ricky Romance serious? Get a life people, we all know Chris Brown is a douche but there really is no need for death threats. As more develops on the brown death threat story we will let you all know.

Watch the Chris Brown – Raz B – Ricky Romance Death Threat Video at TMZ!



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