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Nightly Robot: Michael Jackson, Tucker Carlson and Billy Taylor

Posted by on December 29, 2010 at 7:38 PM EST

michael jacksonMichael Jackson death and autopsy, Tucker Carlson Vick execution and Billy Taylor dies.

Today amidst the Owen Wilson and Eddie Murphy death rumors, there was a lot of real news to talk about. In the case of the death of Michael Jackson, the defense for Conrad Murray made it clear that they will argue MJ killed himself. Tucker Carlson of FOX News went on a Michael Vick rant saying he should be executed and Billy Taylor died at the age of 89.

First up is the ongoing story of the death of Michael Jackson. Today the D.A. made it official that the defense for Conrad Murray will argue that MJ killed himself. Other MJ news broke as well as the Discovery Channel in Europe will be airing an Autopsy special. The MJ estate is not too particularly pleased with the promo poster for the show which shows a dead Michael Jackson on an autopsy table, covered by a sheet with a hand hanging over the edge of the table (with the glove on of course). I am unsure if the Autopsy special on MJ will air here in the states or not.

Next up is Tucker Carlson and his FOX News rant about Michael Vick. The news correspondent went on a Vick tirade claiming that he should have been executed for what he did to the dogs. This all stems from the recent Obama praise that the convicted felon and all-star QB received. While I strongly dislike Michael Vick, Tucker Carlson is clearly out of his damn mind and in need of attention.

Last but not least is jazz legend Billy Taylor who died today at the age of 89. Taylor was known for his appearances on “Jazz Alive” and “Sunday Morning” on CBS. Among pianist and interviewer, Taylor was also a composer and educator of all things Jazz. It is said that Billy Taylor died as a result of heart failure. We want to send out sincere condolences to Billy Taylor’s friends and family in this time of sadness.



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