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Chris Brown Gay Bashing Tweet

Posted by on December 29, 2010 at 7:28 PM EST

chris brown twitterChris Brown otherwise known as the reformed woman beater can now add homophobic asshole to his list of nicknames.

It is being reported that Chris Brown, who everyone has been recently praising for his woman beating reform is at it again. Brown may have completed his domestic violence course, post-Rihanna smack down but now he is channeling his anger elsewhere. In a recent tweet, Chris Brown goes on a gay-bashing tirade via the infamous Twitter.

This latest spectacle for Chris Brown will do nothing but hurt his image even more. Of course the die-hard Chris Brown fans who have already looked pass the Rihanna beating incident will see nothing wrong with his homophobic tweets. Wake up people, Brown is a complete douche bag and this little episode just clarifies that. In case you were wondering, the gay slurs were directed at Raz B, a member of the r&b group, B2K. I guess Raz tweeted something that Chris Brown didn’t like so he got all angry… reformed my ass. Thank god there were no women near Brown has he typed those angry tweets, who knows what would have went down.



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  1. WOW this is the most biased article I’ve ever read
    You must really hate this guy
    There’s two sides to every story just thought whoever wrote this crap should know
    Not a fan but jeez give him a break

  2. RT @chrisbrown‎ lol… watch me be the bad guy on the blogs tomorrow!!!! its cool though.. ill wear that… <just read his tweets, you just proved Chris Brown right my friend

  3. U really are a moron!! N a rily wicked person…excuse m buh we all n twitter so we rily knw d ish dt went down!! If ur gonna report sumn do it right!!

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