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Top Concerts of 2010 and Cheap Tickets for 2011!

Posted by on December 29, 2010 at 6:59 PM EST

paul mccartneyTop selling concerts of 2010 include Lady Gaga, Bon Jovi and Paul McCartney and fans can expect cheaper tickets for 2011.

Despite an ongoing recession and a stubbornly high unemployment rate, not to mention global economic troubles, there were some musical acts that did very well on the road this year. Yesterday there was news stating that many acts that are planning on hitting the road in 2011 will be doing so with cheaper concert tickets than before. They hope that the cheaper tickets will not only bring more people to the show but will also help them win some good will among those fans. Most of these acts that will be lowering prices have had some trouble selling tickets or generating interest in their tours. However, there were a handful of acts that had no trouble selling tickets this year (Lady Gaga, Bon Jovi, Paul McCartney).

Leading the pack of top selling concerts tours was veteran rockers Bon Jovi who sold a whopping $201.1 million worth of concert tickets in 2010. They were followed by two other veteran acts, AC/DC was in second place with $177 million and U2 came in third with $160.9 million. The U2 numbers are especially impressive when you take into consideration that the band had to push all of their North American dates back into 2011 because of the Bono’s back surgery.

The only woman in the top 10 landed at number four. It is, of course, Lady Gaga who sold $133.6 million worth of tickets. Gaga’s total sales put her in fourth place, but she played nearly as many dates as the top three combined. Bon Jovi played 80 dates, AC/ DC played 40 and U2 played 32. Gaga put on 138 shows. Obviously she is charging much less than any of the top three for tickets and she is playing smaller venues.

The remainder of the top ten concerts plays out like this: #5 was Metallica with $110.1 million. #6 was Michael Bublé who sold $104.2 million. #7 was the live show “Walking with Dinosaurs” which brought home a nice $104 million. #8 was Paul McCartney with $93 million. The Eagles came in at #9 with $92.3 million and Roger Waters and his revival of Pink Floyd’s The Wall round out the top 10 with $89.5 million.

There you have it: the top 10 highest grossing concerts of the year. With Bono healthy again and U2 set to come to North American, look for them to appear on the list again  in 2011.



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