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Discovery Channel Sinks Teeth Into Shark Week 2010

Posted by on July 20, 2010 at 1:28 PM EST

shark weekDiscovery Channel sinks its teeth into the highly anticipated Shark Week 2010.

Craig Ferguson has already announced on his “Late Late Show” that he would be hosting this years Shark Week.

Shark week kicks off its 23rd edition of its weekly plunge into the fierce beasts that lurk below that ever-so-enticing glassy surface of water. Discovery Channel takes a week out of its scheduling to produce some of the most terrifying, yet awe-inspiring footage of the various types of sharks that roam our oceans.

The highly watched special, Ultimate Air Jaws will be returning this year adding in high-definition footage and all new stories about the most notorious killer of the deep, the great white shark.

Discovery promises to deliver this year by adding 6 brand new specials to its 2010 Shark Week lineup.

Trek across the globe as the Discovery Channel documents, quite possibly, the most remarkable creation on this planet. We will take an in-depth look at a shark’s habitat, feeding rituals, elusiveness, shear power and the actual co-existence of humans with this massive underwater predator.

Tune in to the Discovery Channel for Shark Week 2010, which begins on Sunday, August 1, at 9PM e/p.



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