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Pamela Anderson Banned Sexy PETA Ad!

Posted by on December 29, 2010 at 4:50 PM EST

pamela andersonPamela Anderson’s new PETA ad is being banned for being too sexy.

Pamela Anderson has never been a stranger to controversy. From her role on Baywatch to her appearances in Playboy to her bestselling sex tape that open the flood gates to celeb sex tapes, Pam Anderson has been known as a sexy symbol whose often  lack of clothing sparks the controversy. It looks like this time it is nudity at the center of the controversy surrounding her, but not her own. The controversy I speak of is Pam’s new ad for the animal rights group PETA. Several airports around the world including New York and Boston have already banned the ad. Today Hong Kong added itself to the list saying that the ad has been deemed too racy and could offend some people.

In the new ad titled “Cruelty Doesn’t Fly” we find Pamela Anderson dressed as a sexy airport security guard who strips passengers of any leather or fur they are wearing. She yanks a guy’s belt off (the guy being Steve-O of Jackass fame) and sends him on his way in just his boxers then she sees a woman in a leather coat and is set to pounce, but when the woman shows Pam that the coat is fake leather they hug and she is let through. Pam smiles as a nude couple strolls through the checkout and she pauses to check out their bare asses as they walk past. The clip ends with Pam stopping a woman in a fur coat and fighting with her to get her out of the coat.

PETA has said that they are surprised that the commercial has been banned because it is lighthearted and is nothing compared to the groping and full body scans that are taking place in the airport security likes already. They say they hope to get the ad played in Tokyo, Seoul and Sydney.

Of course this is what PETA does. They make something risqué that they know will get banned then they cash in on exactly that happening. They get much more free publicity from the ads being banned than they ever would if they were just airing them without incident. Still, I have a feeling if they edited out the nude couple the ad would probably play just about anywhere, but that is not what PETA wants. So everyone gets what they want here. PETA gets their free publicity. The airports get to pretend to be a group that cares about the feelings of their customers and Pamela Anderson gets to stay in the spotlight just a little longer.

Watch the Pamela Anderson banned PETA advertisement here.



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