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Eminem Leaked Track Bashes Music Industry!

Posted by on December 29, 2010 at 3:53 PM EST

eminem 2011Eminem “Syllables” track leaks online, features Jay-Z, 50 cent, Dr. Dre, Stat Quo and Cashis.

Eminem has had one hell of a 2010 and if the leaked “Syllables” track is what we can look forward to in 2011, I’m ready! The freshly leaked Em track features Jay-Z, Dr. Dre, 50 Cent, Stat Quo and Cashis and takes a shot at the music industry.

Eminem goes on to rap about how records are not about the “lyrics” anymore. He explains that it is all about the beat and a good hook, which I couldn’t agree more. Let’s not forget to mention that the leaked “Syllables” track has an all-star lineup. While some people are speculating that this is an old track I have reason to believe this is brand new.

Of course this leaked Eminem track could be off of the Dr. Dre “Detox” album that we have all been waiting on to come out. This track is pretty damn amazing and I think it’s a nice wake-up call on where the music industry sits right now.

Listen to the Eminem – Syllables leaked track below:



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  1. This has got to be old, or Em’s on drugs again… his verse talks about TRL… there is no more TRL… Jay’s verse is tight but 50 doesn’t seem to get the point of writing about lyrics… he’s just talking about the same ol’ crap… i don’t know, it’s alright, if it was just EM, Jay, Cashis and Status Quo it’d be amazing… drop 50 and Dre…

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