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Jenn Sterger Brett Favre Scandal Ends

Posted by on December 29, 2010 at 1:53 PM EST

brett favre finedJenn Sterger – Brett Favre penis scandal comes to a close with $50k fine from NFL.

Brett Favre has just been ordered to pay a $50k fine by the NFL. The payment stems from the Jenn Sterger scandal in which Favre allegedly sent the reporter pictures of his manhood. Judging by the amount of money Favre makes, I am sure that he will happily pay the fine and be thankful the Sterger case is over. What do you think Jennifer Sterger and her attorney have to say on the matter?

Jenn Sterger Photo Gallery!

We have been following the Jenn Sterger – Brett Favre scandal since it broke and it has been one hell of a rollercoaster. First Sterger wasn’t going to press charges then she met with NFL officials to discuss a penalty for Brett Favre. It turns out they the NFL has decided to merely fine Favre for not cooperating in the investigation. What does that tell us?

Basically since the NFL has closed the case, it tells us that Jenn Sterger lacked evidence and probably made it all up. Regardless, this minor fine by the NFL does not look good on Sterger as people are going to think she was just out to hurt Favre’s career.

If any further developments on the Sterger – Favre case come to light I will surely report on them but as of right now, the NFL has closed the case with a $50k fine.



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