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Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus New Years Eve 2011

Posted by on December 29, 2010 at 11:37 AM EST

taylor swift 2011Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus New Years Eve 2011 party plans.

Taylor Swift has had an amazing 2010 but what will she be doing to bring in the New Year? The same question can be asked for Miley Cyrus (Hannah Montana) as we prepare for New Years Eve 2011. Swift has already gone on record about drinking and how she dislikes it and well, we all know Miley loves her some booze and bong hits. Here are a couple of predictions for the Swift-Cyrus New Year.

Taylor Swift I believe will remain low key and spend New Year’s Eve 2011 with friends and family. Swift recently talked about the prom she never had so maybe she will throw that as a New Years Eve bash. I mean spending new years with Justin Timberlake and Katy Perry would be pretty amazing. We can almost be certain that Taylor Swift’s New Years Eve 2011 kiss will be with her new squeeze Jake Gyllenhaal. We wish Taylor a Happy New Year and hope she has an amazing year.

I don’t even know where to begin with Miley Cyrus and her New Years Eve 2011 plans. Cyrus just released a Christmas video which contained her New Year’s resolution. The young Disney star plans to travel, go on tour and make people happy next year. Will Miley Cyrus send 2010 out with a bang before she gets all charitable? Hopefully Miley stays out of trouble on New Years Eve and no scandalous pictures/video stem from her partying. Like Taylor Swift, we wish Miley a Happy New Year and hope that she is successful in keeping her new year’s resolution.

What do you predict Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus will do for New Years Eve 2011? Send us in your thoughts to leads@robotceleb.com



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  1. Here’s my prediction for Miley’s New Years Eve. She’s in New Orleans filming, so she will hang out with a few friends from her movie, probably Kelly Osbourne, and her sister’s roomie, Megan Park, who is also in the movie. They will go to the French district and hang out on the streets watching the other revelers. No alcohol because Miley is always care not to break the law, even when smoking or drinking recreational drugs.

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