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American Idol 2011 Leaked Spoiler News

Posted by on December 29, 2010 at 11:55 AM EST

american idol spoilerAmerican Idol leaked spoiler news gives insight on new judging format for the hit FOX show in 2011.

There has been some news leaked about one of the new formats on American Idol. We all know about the new judges and we know that they are going to skip some of the rounds to move the show along a little faster and give us more time with smaller group of finalists, but today we found out how they plan to cut down from the group of 40.

American Idol normally has a group of 40 and they put them together in groups and have them each sing parts of a song. This has caused all kinds of drama in the past because if one member of the group blows it, it can affect all the members of that group. This season they are going to call the round of 40 “Sing For your Life”.

While it is unknown what number the 40 will be cut down to, this is what we have found out. Each contestant will have to sing a song by themselves. They can choose the song from a list of American Idol approved songs, select a different song that the Idol producers approve or they can perform an original song. They can sing the song a cappella or be accompanied by one instrument.

This is a big change. They are letting people sing their own material and they are letting people stand in front of the world and show why they deserve to move on. If they blow it, they have nobody to blame but themselves. This is a welcome change and one that should add some real excitement to American Idol.



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