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Pro Bowl 2011: Michael Vick vs. Tom Brady

Posted by on December 29, 2010 at 10:21 AM EST

pro bowl 2011Pro Bowl 2011 rosters were announced yesterday and Michael Vick will go against Tom Brady.

Michael Vick was picked to QB for the NFC in the 2011 Pro Bowl which comes as no surprise. Tom Brady will be leading the AFC team as the two NFL MVP candidates go head to head. Many people will argue that Vick is better than Brady and he deserves the MVP but I strongly disagree. After last night’s embarrassing Philadelphia Eagles loss at home to the Minnesota Vikings, Vick showed that he is human after all.

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Let’s get back to the Pro Bowl 2011 subject real fast. While I completely agree with the decision to send Michael Vick and Tom Brady as starting QB’s, it is uncertain if either one will play. The New England Patriots have been unstoppable as of late and have an extremely good chance to make it to the Super Bowl. The Eagles have also done well but after last night’s performance going into the playoffs, they did not look like a Super Bowl team.

MVP race also comes to mind and again I am sorry but with the way Michael Vick played last night, he will not win. Yes, I know he got praise from Obama and has had quite an amazing year… blah blah. Vick is a convicted felon and should not receive special treatment due to that fact. If for some reason Michael Vick does win MVP, it is clearly rigged and Tom Brady will have been robbed of something that was clearly his.

Regardless of the Michael Vick nonsense, the 2011 Pro Bowl should be one hell of a game to get us in gear for the Super Bowl.



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