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Adam Sandler Dies: Death Rumors Round Two

Posted by on December 28, 2010 at 4:46 PM EST

adam sandler deathAdam Sandler death rumors accompany Charlie Sheen and Aretha Franklin in the list of celebs that have died today which trumps the Sugarloaf Mountain (Maine) ski lift accident.

Screw the Sugarloaf Mountain Maine accident; let’s make up death rumors about various celebrities today. Adam Sandler dies is the latest trend to hit the internet as people with no life want to make the world go crazy. Sandler accompanies Charlie Sheen and Aretha Franklin who also died today… online.

I already reported that both Aretha Franklin and Charlie Sheen are alive and well after their death rumors this morning. I am now here to report that Adam Sandler is not dead. Once again, some ass hat has decided to make up a death rumor. Sandler is the latest victim to Twitter demise and probably won’t be the last.

Since I mentioned the Sugarloaf Mountain accident I guess I should explain what happened today in Maine. It seems that quite a few skiers were injured today when one of the Sugarloaf chairlift’s cables derailed. Five of the chairs went plummeting to the ground, thus causing the injuries.  The people who fell today at the Sugarloaf Mountain resort in Maine are said to have only suffered minor injuries.

Once again, Adam Sandler did not die today; it is just another online death rumor that is completely false!



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