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Live To Dance 2011

Posted by on December 28, 2010 at 4:17 PM EST

live to dance 2011Live To Dance premieres on CBS in 2011 with former AI judge Paula Abdul.

Paula Abdul is returning to her roots and to network television with her new show “Live to Dance.” The idea behind Live to Dance is that it is a dance show that allows anyone of any age to enter. They can be a group or a solo act.  The contest is open to all styles and the winner of the competition gets $500,000. The show is based on the hit show “Got to Dance” but Paula has promised that she has worked hard as a producer on the show to put together something fun, whimsical and that is a game changer for the American audience.

Judging by the previews and what I have read the acts will audition then compete through various stages. Paula will work as a coach, mentor and advocate for the dancers. Each week the contestants will perform in front of a group of judges and one act will be voted out until we have a winner.

Ever since the success of Dancing with the Stars every network has been scrambling to find their own hit dance show. CBS has pulled out all the stops on “Live to Dance.” They even constructed a special building for the show. This is Paula’s first big show since she left American Idol so you know they are banking on her name drawing in viewers. That she has a background in dance and was known for dancing before she was on TV helps lend her some credibility.

Here is where I think they may have issues on their hands. Anyone who saw even one episode of Paula’s reality show can see that she is a mess. Just watching the previews for Live to Dance it looks like she is struggling to put three words together. America may have liked her when she was on American Idol, but she was the focal point of the show and here she will be. On Idol her ramblings and craziness was charming and she was held in check by Simon and Randy. Here she will be front and center.  Dancing with the Stars works for a couple of reason, but the main one is the cast of dancers. They are stars – well, at least in some sense of the word they are least known people. We know the names and we want to tune in to watch them try to pull this off. With this dancing show you are featuring unknown acts and hoping they will be good enough and compelling enough to bring people back to watch the show week in and week out. It could work, but it won’t be easy.

Live to Dance airs on January 4th on CBS. Tune in to see Paula Abdul run the show and check out what may be some of the hottest dancing in the country.  It may also turn out to be incredibly bad which could be entertaining in a whole different manner.



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