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Michael Vick’s Presidential Approval!

Posted by on December 27, 2010 at 8:00 PM EST

michael vick obamaPresident Obama thanks Philadelphia Eagles for hiring Michael Vick.

Talk about one hell of a season for Philadelphia Eagles QB, Michael Vick. The felon whom nobody expected to play another day in the NFL has bounced back and is having a stellar season. Amongst being in the running for MVP (Tom Brady will win), Barack Obama has now given Vick a presidential seal of approval.

It turns out that this Vick-Obama news stems from a recent phone call to Eagles owner, Jeffrey Lurie. President Obama called and thanked Lurie for giving Michael Vick a shot as he stated “it’s not always a level playing field” for prisoners who make it back into the real world. Well no shit! The idiot was in jail for a reason, why should he get special treatment when he is released? Anyways, let’s not get me ranting on the whole Vick situation. Despite all of that, I do find it quite amusing that President Obama took time out from his busy schedule (you know, running America) to call up the Eagles owner.

With the recent Obama approval, will Michael Vick win MVP now? I still think Tom Brady has it in the bag as he is an unstoppable force with the New England Patriots fighting by his side. Don’t get me wrong either; I think Michael Vick is an amazing Quarterback. I just do not like him as a person, that is all.

You can catch Michael Vick in action when the Philadelphia Eagles take on Brett Favre (maybe?) and the Minnesota Vikings!

What do you all think about the Vick-Obama news and what are your thoughts on NFL MVP? Email us at leads@robotceleb.com with your thoughts.



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  1. While everyone deserves a second chance, Michael Vick served his time but needs to do more to atone for his sins. He needs to do more for the plight of abused animals if he is cable of this level of compassion and charity.

    President Obama should not hold him up as a role model since the only reason he is being given his second chance is because of his skills and celebrity status and not his level of atonement. Of course, he will probably win a presidential award and run for congress when his NFL career is over. He will fit right in inside the beltway and Washington.

    Celebrities and the elite can live by different rules than everyone else.

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