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Bristol Palin’s Hostile Arizona Takeover!

Posted by on December 27, 2010 at 6:05 PM EST

bristol palin 2011Bristol Palin is moving to Arizona and her mother Sarah Palin might not be too far behind.

Look out Arizona! Hide your livestock, nachos and birth control as Bristol Palin and the family are coming to town. While it may not be the same as having the Frankenstein monster let loose upon the quiet countryside, it is a far change from the frozen wilds of Alaska and these chicks are armed and ready to shoot.

The first sign that the Palins were planning to move to Arizona came a few days ago when Bristol Palin paid cash for a house in a suburb just outside of Phoenix. She got a great deal on the house spending $172,000 for the 3,900 square foot, five bedroom house that was built in 2006 and originally sold for $329,560.  Today information has leaked that Sarah Palin is now also looking for a house in that same area. It is said that she wants to be close to Bristol and her grandson.

A source said to be close to the Palins was reported as saying, “Both Sarah and Bristol are millionaires and have had enough of Alaska.” They go on to say that Both Sarah and Bristol raved about the sun and great weather in Los Angeles where Bristol Palin recently lived while appearing on the hit show Dancing with the Stars.  Bristol Palin is planning on enrolling at Arizona State University in the fall.

There are three things to be taken from this news. First, someone needs to get out a slide ruler and a compass and show me how Bristol Palin became a millionaire. I know she was on Dancing with the Stars and made it to the finals, but that didn’t earn her a million dollars. I also know she gets paid by Candies to be an Abstinence Ambassador and gives speeches on that subject, but if she was doing that well, why was she working as a receptionist when she got DWTS? Maybe her mom gave her some of the cash she has raked in since quitting as governor of Alaska. It is a mystery to me. This brings us to the second thing we might be able to take from this news. This could be a sign that Sarah Palin is strongly considering running for president. There have been many different political strategists that have said the logistics of her living in Alaska could make a run at the presidency tough simply because of all the travel you do. Having to travel to and from Alaska would really add in the miles. The third is that Bristol Palin is going to go to Arizona State.  ASU is regularly ranked as one of the best party schools in the nation. The girl who doesn’t believe in birth control is going to a party school? I smell a second grandchild on the way soon.

Regardless of if Sarah Palin moves to Arizona or not, I have a feeling 2011 will be a year where we hear much more from both the Palin women.



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