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Recap: Entourage Season 7 Brings On The “Dramedy” in Episode 3

Posted by on July 19, 2010 at 3:10 PM EST

drama entourageEntourage Season 7 Recap. Entourage brings on the  “Dramedy” in its third episode of season 7 last night on HBO.

In yet another enticing week of Entourage, HBO has brought forth the “Dramedy.”

Still hopeful of jump starting his ill-begotten career, Drama (Kevin Dillon) and E (Kevin Connolly) set up a meeting with a has-been TV producer to create a show especially for Drama.

Turtle (Jerry Ferrara) returns and his faced with the harsh reality that his business venture is sinking. In an attempt to save money, Turtle tells his employees that he has to cut their salary in half. This leads up to the three girls he had quitting on him and leaving him with nothing more than a pile of debt and some dirty cars. Of course his ex-employee Alex makes an appearance and I am interested to see how their relationship develops as the Entourage season continues.

Entourage’s power agent, Ari Gold (Jeremy Piven) is still ecstatic about being offered his own NFL team in Los Angeles. While the home front with the misses is a little rocky after last weeks embrace with his home wrecking agent Lizzie (Autumn Reeser), things take a turn for the better for Ari. Lizzie is denied head of the TV department and in turn she quits the agency. Mrs. Gold (Perrey Reeves) is enthused to find out that the woman she despises is no longer a threat, but can’t help to feel bad for the tramp.

Perhaps the focal point of last night was not so much the Drama-infused upcoming comedy, yet the downward spiraling Vincent Chase (Adrien Grenier). Three episodes into Entourage Season 7 and Vincent has already done his own car crash stunt, shaved his head and jumped out of an airplane. Last night the mid-life crisis of Vince was in full effect. After purchasing a motorcycle in the opening scene of last night, Vince continues on his path of self-destruction.

Teamed up with Eric’s co-worker Scotty (Scott Caan), Vince go on a shopping spree, buying some rare wine and a Jurassic Park looking dinosaur skull. Amidst the auction-buying spree, Scotty sets Vince up for a new movie role. Eric, who is Vince’s longtime friend as well as Agent, learns of Scotty’s deception and confronts him as last night’s Entourage episode closed.

While not part of the main plot last night, Sloan (Emmanuelle Chriqui) made her first appearance of Season 7 and is looking amazing as always.

Looking on to next week we are left with some Entourage questions. Will Drama’s TV deal get the green light? Will Eric and Vince be able to deal with Scotty without destroying their friendship? Will Vincent Chase continue to spiral out of control? Lastly, will Turtle and Alex finally hook up?

Catch all the “Dramedy” that unfolds next week as Entourage Season 7 returns Sunday night at 10:30/9:30c on HBO.



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