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Natalie Portman Pregnant, Engaged, Black Swan a Hit!

Posted by on December 27, 2010 at 1:10 PM EST

natalie portman pregnantNatalie Portman is pregnant and engaged after the Christmas weekend. All this great news for Natalie, and her movie Black Swan is a hit!

Natalie Portman has been all over the headlines lately with her bran new film “Black Swan.” The intimate scene with Mila Kunis was recently leaked and man is it pretty wonderful. However, Portman is in the headlines now for completely different reasons. After the Christmas weekend that just happened, Natalie Portman pregnant and engaged (Benjamin Millepied) is making headlines! Talk about catching everyone off guard.

I promise you that I am not making this up, it is being reported that Natalie Portman is engaged to Benjamin Millepied (Black Swan choreographer). Not only is Portman engaged, she is pregnant! Now Natalie can attribute rave reviews to her role in Black Swan as well as a baby and a husband. Talk about a movie that has been one hell of a ride.

We wish Natalie Portman the best of luck with her engagement and pregnancy. We’d also like to congratulate her for her performance in Black Swan as it was amazing.



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