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Christmas Robot: Miley Cyrus and NORAD Santa Tracker 2010

Posted by on December 24, 2010 at 1:33 PM EST

Miley Cyrus leaked photos cause a stir and the NORAD Santa Tracker 2010 is a huge hit just in time for Christmas.

What better way to ring in Christmas Eve than with some Miley Cyrus leaked photos? Of course for all of you out there with small children we have the NORAD Santa Tracker 2010 to answer that burning question “Where Is Santa Claus Right Now?” As you finish up your last minute shopping, enjoy these leaked Miley Cyrus photos and tracking Santa Claus via Google Earth and the NORAD Santa Tracker.

The young Hannah Montana star is back in the news just in time for the holidays. It seems as if someone has leaked some rather racy photos of Miley Cyrus. Let me be the first to point out that they are not Miley Cyrus Nude photos, they are however quite scandalous. In the photos, we see Miley Cyrus’ assistant pretending to lick her um… yeah. The other two photos show Miley showing off her under-boob tattoo and her strolling alongside her very busty assistant. I hope these Miley Cyrus leaked photos are a wonderful Christmas present to all of you Hannah Montana freaks out there.

Now let’s talk about a more traditional way to spend your Christmas Eve. After you are done gawking at Miley Cyrus’ leaked photos, you should check out the NORAD Santa Tracker 2010. With this neat little website you can track Santa Claus via 2D Google Map. This year the NORAD Santa Tracker got an upgrade as you can do your tracking in 3D via Google Earth. To be honest, it is pretty fun to sit there while you await Christmas tomorrow and use the NORAD Santa Tracker to watch where good ole St. Nick has been.

Visit The Official NORAD Santa Tracker 2010 Website To Start Tracking Now!

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and enjoy the NORAD Santa Tracker 2010 as well at the Miley Cyrus  leaked photos.



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  1. Tim, I’m interrupting my Hannah Montana marathon long enough to correct you–once again–on one of your many factual errors. The woman in the photo–with the wide blond streak through dark hair–is not Miley Cyrus’ “assistant.” She is Denika Bedrossian, Miley’s makeup artist. That is information that is widely available online. These pictures are six-months old, btw, taken back stage at the G-A-Y night club in London, where Miley did a concert on June 5, 2010. How you misconstrue six-month-old pictures as news is beyond me, especially since there were numerous articles back in June about that night. Six-month-old pictures seems like old news to me.

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