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Kevin Costner: Professional Con Artist

Posted by on December 23, 2010 at 6:18 PM EST

kevin costner bpKevin Costner has gone from actor to professional con artist with the recent Stephen Baldwin lawsuit.

The less talented Baldwin brother (Stephen Baldwin) has made headlines recently because he is in the process of suing fellow bad actor, Kevin Costner. Baldwin’s claim is that Costner deceived Baldwin by tricking him into selling shares of stock. Apparently Baldwin and Costner both were big investors in a device that separates oil from water. Stephen decided to invest in this after the BP oil spill went down.

Now that seems really sleazy, investing in something like that to capitalize off of a tragedy. Honestly, it was a clever investment, but I find it hard to pity someone who buys stock like that right after a disaster.

According to Stephen Baldwin, Kevin Costner lied to Baldwin, saying that BP was not going to make a deal with the creators of the device while in reality BP had already made a deal with them. Baldwin alleges that Costner also lied saying that he had already sold his own stock when he had not.

Baldwin is suing for “unspecified damages.” The born-again Christian has appeared on The Apprentice and is seeking $3.8 million in damages.



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