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Katy Perry and Russell Brand Christmas Charity Rumors True

Posted by on December 23, 2010 at 5:02 PM EST

katy perry charityKaty Perry and Russell Brand start a charity for less fortunate ones for Christmas.

How true is this? Well, it won’t surprise me if Katy Perry and Russell Brand will start a charity. Some, if not most of us, know that Russell turned from an addict to one of the top comedians in the United Kingdom, before he had a career in United States. The wife Katy Perry, fully understood her husband’s past and what he’d been through, that they both decided to begin helping other people who struggle, by making their own charity work.

It is true that fame will help when it comes to creating a charity which will hopefully make it easier for Katy Perry and Russell. Their goal is to set up a foundation in order to help others, clothe them, feed them and give them shelter. Isn’t that nice? No matter how famous you are or not, there is something good about Christmas that encourages people to feel the spirit of helping and giving. I just hope that this celebrity couple’s plan will last for a long time, because you never know about celebrities.

They can even change husbands like underwear, how much more about other people. I hope that Katy Perry and Russell Brand are not using Christmas just to gain popularity from the media. What do you think was their motive about this plan? Well, I guess we will see in the next couple months or years, if they are successful with their charity. I just hate to know and learn that just because you are famous, you take advantage and use less fortunate people to satisfy your selfishness.



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