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Daily Robot: Landon Donovan, Zac Efron and Demi Lovato

Posted by on December 23, 2010 at 3:31 PM EST

landon donovanLandon Donovan’s divorce with Bianca Kajlich, Zac Efron’s new buzz cut and Demi Lovato still loves Joe Jonas.

Landon Donovan filed for a divorce from his wife Bianca Kajilch is just one of the news stories making headlines today. Zac Efron was recently spotted sporting a new buzz kit, post break up with Vanessa Hudgens. Demi Lovato stays in the news and she battles it out with Twilight star Ashley Greene for the heart of Joe Jonas. As you chow down on lunch and prepare to leave work for the holidays, enjoy this quick little rundown of what’s going on in the celebrity world today.

Landon Donovan is best known for playing on the U.S. Soccer team in the World Cup and as a player for the Los Angeles Galaxy team. At least that’s how I know him and I am sure for 99% of you, it’s the same. I’m not going to get into some long drawn out speech about who Landon Donovan is and how he became a professional soccer player. The news here is that Landon Donovan and Bianca Kajilch have filed for divorce. Bianca Kajilch is a smoking hot actress that has been in “10 Things I hate About You,” “Rules of Engagement” and “Bring It On.” Landon Donvan’s divorce with Bianca Kajilch just marks another to add to the list of celebrity break ups in the past month.

Now let’s move on to Disney star Zac Efron and his new buzz cut. Yes, that really is making news headlines today. Zac Efron cut his hair so let’s freak out about it and somehow draw a correlation between the recent Vanessa Hudgens break up. Efron shaved his head, it’s not like he is getting back together with Vanessa Hudgnes or anything. Give it a rest and leave the poor kid alone for the holidays.

Last but not least is Disney star Demi Lovato. It seems that ever since the Demi Lovato rehah incident, news about the troubled actress just keeps on a coming. The most recent news is Lovato’s feud with Twilight star, Ashley Greene. It seems that Ashley is not dating one of the Jonas Brothers. (Joe Jonas) Needless to say Demi Lovato is not happy about it and allegedly sent Greene some rather nasty emails. People are even saying that the Ashley Greene-Joe Jonas romance are what sent Lovato to her breaking point. Hopefully Lovato’s stint in rehab will help fix her anger issues and her, Joe and Ashley can all be one happy family.

Well, that about wraps it up as far as this quick little lunchtime recap goes. I will continue to bring you all the celebrity news as it comes about today.



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