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Top Chef All-Stars: Elimination and Tasty Recap

Posted by on December 23, 2010 at 1:03 PM EST

top chef all stars recapTop Chef: All-Stars was at the US Open and someone got eliminated. We also prepared a delicious recap of last night’s episode.

Last night the hit series Top Chef aired its fourth episode of its eight season which is aptly dubbed Top Chef: All-Stars. With the departure of Jennifer in the 2nd episode I knew we were in for a lot of twist and turns on this season of the cooking competition on BRAVO. Last night, Padma Laskshmi returned as the host and the remaining cheftestants headed to the site of the U.S. Open. In case you missed it last night, here is a brief recap of what went down last night.

First up, the chefs entered the Top Chef kitchen to find Padma Lakshmi and guest judge Tony Mantuano. For their quickfire challenge last night, the chefs of Top Chef All Stars were to make a great “stuffing.” However, there was a slight twist as Padma lets them know that they will not be able to use any knives/kitchen tools. Being that is was such a complicated task; the winner of the Quickfire would receive immunity and… $20,000. Talk about incentive to make an amazing stuffing!

The contestants struggle without utensils and I have to give the cleverness award to Fabio who shredded cheese using the kitchen shelf! After the challenge was over, guest judge Tony Mantuano said he loved both Tre and Marcel’s stuffing. Ultimately Tre walked away with the immunity and cash prize.

Next up we go right into the Top Chef All Stars elimination challenge. Padma lets the contestants know that they will be cooking at the home of the U.S. Open. The remaining chefs are then split up into 2 teams and they will be going head to head with each other. Each team will send a member up to the judges table and whoever has a better dish will win a point for their team. The first team in the Top Chef culinary tennis game to reach four points will win. Now, the winning dishes will be in the top group at judges table and then the tables that don’t receive a point for their team will be at the bottom.

The two teams of Top Chef All Stars scramble to get their individual dishes done and amidst the chaos, Carla manages to cut half of her finger nail off.  Instead of being a big baby like Jamie and going to the hospital, Carla sucks it up and continues on making her meal. Once the prep work was done, the teams stepped out on the tennis court and awaited the judges.

First up were Fabio and Casey and Fabio’s whole wheat gnocchi won over the judges and team orange was on the board with a 15-0 lead. In the Top Chef Tennis challenge, the 2nd to go would be Dale and Tiffani. Tiffani scores the 1st points for the yellow team, making it 15-15. Next up to bat was Angelo and Marcel which had Angelo scoring the victory, making it 15-30 Yellow. Fourth to go is Tiffany D. and Antonia. Antonia ties it up with a win, making the score 30-30. Richard and Spike are next up and the judges weren’t really impressed with either dish. Richard pulls out the win and makes the score 30-40 Team Orange. Jamie, wimped out to avoid the bottom and Tre was forced to go up against Carla. Carla pulls out the win and grasps the victory for the orange team.

At Judges table, Carla who cut herself mind you, won the elimination challenge and also received a trip to Italy. Now let’s get down to the nitty gritty and find out who was kicked off of Top Chef All-Stars last night. The bottom four was Tre, Spike, Tiffany D. and Casey. Tre, having won the quickfire challenge could not be eliminated as he had immunity. When all was said and done, Spike was told to pack his knives and go. I think its utter horse shit as Jamie had the worst dish and she once again escaped elimination by refusing to serve her beans. If you think back to the challenge in which Jennifer was eliminated, Jamie was her partner and she wasn’t there the entire challenge and she went to the hospital. It’s sad to see Spike go home but I really wish they would stop letting Jamie skate by.

Tune in next Wednesday when Top Chef All Stars returns at 10|9c on BRAVO.



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