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Jersey Shore Season 3 Premiere Coming in January!

Posted by on December 23, 2010 at 3:17 PM EST

jersey shore snookiJersey Shore Season 3 will premiere its final season on January 6th, 2011 on MTV.

Jersey Shore season 3 begins airing January 6th on MTV and judging by the trailer for the new season that was released yesterday it looks like it is going to be an action packed, crazy, naked, fist pumping good time.

Most of the Jersey Shore Season 3 cast is back except for Angelina who left the show last season and has confirmed that she will not be returning for Jersey Shore season 3. Taking her place will be Deena Nicole Cortese a girl that Sammi describes as, “4 feet tall, short little meatball, exactly like Snooki.”  So if you were one of those people who felt like all the show needed was more Snooki, you just might get it.

There will, no doubt, be more of the real Snooki this season. She and “The Situation” aka Mike Sorrentino are the real breakout stars of the show and MTV has never been one to let a good thing go to waste. In the trailer alone we see Snooki lost and looking for the beach . . . while she is actually standing on the beach. We also see her drunk as hell and getting arrested at said beach.

Pauly D promises that the Jersey Shore season 3 will top last summer. The Situation is up to his old tricks as he tries to dodge grenades and find hot chicks to hook up with. New Jersey Shore roommate Deena gives him a show as she strips naked in front of him and The Situation has a little accident with a stripper pole. Add in Ronni getting what appears to be a prostate exam and some wild girl fights and it looks like an action packed summer. Sami seems to have a full on breakdown as she starts fights with half the cast then says she is leaving the show. It seems all the booze, fist pumping, and craziness might just be getting to a few of the cast members. At one point Vinny looks at the camera and says, “Hell has to be just like this.”

All of this happens in a the matter of a 2 minute trailer, the highlight of which finds a drunk Snooki face planting into the sand at the beach then getting hauled away by the police as she yells, “I’m a fucking good person!”  Jersey Shore Season 3 should be one train wreck you won’t want to miss.



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