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Rex Ryan Foot Fetish vs. Brett Favre Penis Photos

Posted by on December 22, 2010 at 8:53 PM EST

rex ryan foot fetishRex Ryan’s foot fetish is now blasted all over the internet and he now contends with Brett Favre’s penis photos.

Rex Ryan and his New York Jets just seem like a whirling storm of disaster. First we had the Inez Sainz locker room debacle and then Brett Favre went and sent photos of his manhood to Jenn Sterger. The truth has finally come out as to where the NY Jets have gotten their perverted sides from. Head coach Rex Ryan finds himself in a foot fetish nightmare with some recent leaked videos of his wife, Michelle Ryan.

I know the Inez Sainz locker room debacle was kind of lame but things got good when the Brett Favre Jenn Sterger scandal hit the New York Jets. With news of the Rex Ryan foot fetish video it makes me wonder if he was the perverted mastermind behind the Brett scandal. In case you are wondering what in the hell I am talking about let me clear it up for you.

Rex Ryan, the head coach for the New York Jets just had some rather personal home videos leak. The Rex Ryan videos in question show Michelle Ryan (his wife) showing off her feet to the camera. Now while Rex Ryan will neither confirm nor deny that he is the foot fetish camera man, it sure does sound a lot like him. As for Michelle Ryan, I think it is pretty clear that she is the lady in the video, modeling her feet.

With Brett Favre and Jenn Sterger still battling out the penis case, this Rex Ryan foot fetish video is doing nothing but hurting the Jets even more. I think that if you are an NFL player and you have a perverted side hidden somewhere. You need to go to the Jets and it will all be made public within a matter of time.

As more news regarding the Rex Ryan and Michelle Ryan foot fetish video comes to light, we will make sure to report it to you all.



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