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Donald Trump Hires Bret Michaels As New Celebrity Apprentice

Posted by on May 24, 2010 at 5:35 PM EST

Bret Michaels Celebrity ApprenticeIn a Celebrity Apprentice finale that will be remembered for quite some time, Bret Michaels  was hired as the new Celebrity Apprentice.

Donald Trump was faced with a tough decision on which Celebrity he should hire to be his new apprentice. Actress Holly Robinson Peete raised the most money for her charity during the season while Bret was the dark horse and beat out the rest of the competition to make it to the finale. Both contestants had their strong points and in the final challenge, Snapple seemed to weigh more towards Bret Michaels and his marketability.

The 2-hour finale drug on and after a strange performance by Cyndi Lauper we finally reached the point in which Donald Trump was going to announce the winner.  The final minutes of the show boiled down to the point when Donald looked at Bret Michaels and said “You’re Hired”. In addition to the money he raised throughout the season, Bret’s charity the American Diabetes Association was awarded with $250,000. While, Holly Robinson Peete was the loser, Snapple agreed to match Donald Trumps $250,000 grand prize and give Holly’s charity the same amount.

Bret Michaels beat a near-death experience, all of the odds and claimed his victory in the 2010 Celebrity Apprentice. Congratulations to both Bret and Holly for competing for a great cause and raising both of their charities a ton of money and awareness.



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