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“The Cape” Premieres in 2011 on NBC

Posted by on December 22, 2010 at 12:03 PM EST

the capeThe Cape will premiere on January 9th 2011 on NBC.

Now that the New Year is just around the corner we are quickly approaching that time of year when the T.V. networks start rolling out their mid-season replacement shows. One of these shows is The Cape. It is a superhero style show that aims to cash in on the current popularity of comic book style movies and shows.

The Cape follows an innocent cop in the fictional city of Palm City who is framed for a crime then left for dead. He is saved by a circus ringleader who nurses him back to health and teaches him some special abilities he can use to defend himself against his enemies.  The cop, Vince Faraday, must clear his name while protecting his wife and child who both think he is dead.

Faraday gets a special suit that affords him some super abilities which, added with the skills he learned from the circus ringleader, make him a very formidable foe. He takes the identity of his son’s favorite comic book hero The Cape and sets out to rid the city of the crime and corruption that has taken it over while clearing his name and getting his family back.

The show stars David Lyons as Vince Faraday/The Cape and Jennifer Ferrin has his wife Dana who believes he is dead. Also along for the ride are veteran actor Keith David as the ringleader who helps Faraday and the always beautiful Summer Glau as an investigative blogger who is waging war on crime in Palm City and becomes one of The Cape’s allies.

The two hour season premier of The Cape airs January 9th on NBC. NBC must like what they have seen so far because they have already green lighted the show for a full season of 13 episodes.



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