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Ashton Kutcher To Testify Serial Killer’s Murder Trial

Posted by on December 21, 2010 at 5:31 PM EST

ashton kutcher ashley ellerinAshton Kutcher is set to testify in the trial of a serial killer by the name of Michael Gargiulo who killed his girlfriend Ashley Ellerin back in 2001.

No, this isn’t the premise of his new movie or some kind of script someone pitched, it is a real story. Back in 2001 Ashton Kutcher (at the time 22 years old)  was dating Ashley Ellerin a very cute, blond 22 year old who live in Hollywood. Kutcher told the police in a statement that the night she was killed she had wanted to meet up with him, but he told her he couldn’t meet her and that he would come by her place later that night.

During that night, prior to going to her place, Ashton Kutcher tried calling Ashley Ellerin twice, but got no answer. At around 10:45pm Kutcher went to her house and knocked on the door. She never answered. After a few knocks he looked through the window and saw what he thought was a puddle of red wine on the floor. Ashton Kutcher assumed she was mad at him for blowing her off earlier so he left to give her some time to cool down.

A friend of hers found her body the next morning. Her body was lying out of view from the front windows of the house. She had been stabbed 35 times.

In 2008 police arrested air conditioning repair man Michael Gargiulo. He had attacked Michelle Murphy in her Santa Monica home with a knife, but she had survived. Gargiulo was charged with the attempted murder of Murphy and the murder of Ashley Ellerin and two other women.

The case finally gets to trial early next year and Ashton Kutcher is scheduled to take the stand and present his story as evidence.



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