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Lindsay Lohan Rehab Christmas to Prison

Posted by on December 21, 2010 at 3:42 PM EST

lindsay lohan rehabLindsay Lohan rehab was doing well until she got pushy with a worker at the center and now faces jail time for Christmas.

Maybe Lindsay Lohan liked it in jail. The fallen star has been causing trouble again, this time in rehab. Lindsay has been accused of battery by a woman who works at the Betty Ford Rehab Center where Lohan has been getting treatment.

Lindsay Lohan rehab was ordered by a judge in October to stay in the facility until January 3rd, but with this recent turn of events Lohan could be headed somewhere much more severe like prison.

Deputy Herlinda Valenzuela is the spokeswoman for the Riverside sheriff’s department, but has said that police are currently investigating the crime. She has also stated that Lindsay Lohan has been accused of battery, and that she does not think the afflicted woman has been hospitalized for any injuries.

Michael Lohan, Lindsay’s father, has spoken with reporters regarding the incident and claims that Lindsay had physical force used against her by the staff worker. Supposedly, Lindsay was being chided for being 10 minutes past her curfew. Michael says the female worker “grabbed her…got forceful.” Lindsay Lohan responded by pushing back. Michael added that the female worker wanted Lindsay tested for drugs, and the tests came back clean.

Editors rant:

Of course Michael would say she “got forceful.” He’s in denial and wants to see his meal ticket back in the public spot light so he can pay his bills. Now we wait for the lawsuit filed by the woman, and some sort of lawsuit filed by the Lohans against the Betty Ford Clinic. Then, I’m going to sue myself for exposing myself to this horrible Lohan drama.



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