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Miley Cyrus: Divorce, Bret Michaels and Anna Oliver

Posted by on December 21, 2010 at 11:22 AM EST

miley cyrus divorceMiley Cyrus’ divorcing parents put their house up for sale and Hannah Montana makes up with her bong video leaking BFF, Anna Oliver.

Miley Cyrus has continued on her downward spiral ever since her 18th birthday. Today however, we have both some good news and bad news about the young Hannah Montana star. It seems like her parents, Billy Ray Cyrus and Tish Cyrus have put their house up for sale. Divorce news aside, Miley Cyrus has forgiven her BFF Anna Oliver for leaking that infamous bong video a couple of weeks ago.

First things first, the messy divorce between Billy Ray Cyrus and Tish Cyrus just became more real as the couple put their home up for sale. Of course, I can’t talk about this divorce without mentioning Bret Michaels and his recent engagement to Kristi Gibson. While Michaels claims he is not the reason that Tish and Billy are filing for divorce, I have my doubts.

Now let’s move on to the good news regarding Miley Cyrus. Could the young Hannah Montana star actually be growing up? It seems like she has made up with her BFF Anna Oliver despite her having leaked the bong hitting video. As we reported, Miley Cyrus fans went on a rampage as they were highly angered at Anna Oliver and threatened her via the Internet. With news of the Miley Cyrus – Anna Oliver make-up session, will Miley’s fans back off? Only time will tell as once you have betrayed Hannah Montana, you will forever be looked at as a traitor in the eyes of Hannah Montana fans.



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  1. Tim, your brief story talks about how Miley and Anna “made up”. But the only thing “made up” here is your story. As usual, you don’t add any new reporting here, simply repeating what other equally unreliable news outlets have already reported, but, also as usual, you get it wrong. In fact, only one publication, E! Online, has done any original reporting here, and that from an unnamed source. In that story E! reported that Anna was visiting Miley in New Orleans, but then Miley asked her to leave so that she could “focus” on her newest job, filming her new movie, “So Undercover”. What E! failed to report was the actual date that Miley asked Anna to leave. Fan reports however, have claimed that Anna was back in LA Dec. 11, exactly the day after the infamous “Bong Video” hit the internet. One could easily interpret that as a breakup, not a make up. But in fact, we still don’t know that Anna was the one who leaked the video, as many reports claimed that it was stolen from her. So, at best, you are simply speculating, which is basically all one could do given the fact that you have done no new reporting and the fact that your story is pure speculation. At the very least, if you are just speculating, you should say as much, just as you seem to be relying on pure speculation about Bret Michaels and Tish Cyrus. And that’s often the problem with your kind of gossip. Even though it can be devastating to people’s lives, it can be based totally on speculation based on lies.

  2. I am glad that you responded to the article about Miley Cyrus with such compassion. I will leave you with a kind thanks as I do not want to interrupt the Hannah Montana marathon you are partaking in right now.

  3. Thanks Tim, I appreciate it when people leave me in peace during Disney Channel marathons!

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