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Morning Robot: Bret Michaels, Spider-Man and Chris Brown

Posted by on December 21, 2010 at 10:53 AM EST

bret michaels engagedBret Michaels is engaged to Kristi Gibson, Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark has another setback and Chris Brown completes his domestic violence course.

Monday flew by yesterday and as we welcome in Tuesday morning, we have quite a few headlines. Bret Michaels engaged to Kristi Gibson makes the top of the list. Spider-Man the musical on Broadway is having more issues than you can count and Chris Brown completed his yearlong domestic violence course. As you prepare for the day let me give you a quick rundown of these celebrity stories that are circulating the internet.

First up is rock-n-roller turned reality TV star Bret Michaels. Last night on his brand new reality show “Life as I Know It” Bret Michaels proposed to Kristi Gibson. Gibson and Michaels have been on and off for almost 16 years as the rocker attempted to find ass love on his reality show “Rock of Love.” After several failed attempts on Rock of Love, a Celebrity Apprentice win and a few near death experiences, Bret Michaels said enough is enough. I mean Kristi Gibson is the mother of his two children and it was only a matter of time before Bret Michaels was engaged to her. I wonder how Miley Cyrus’ mom Tish feels about this. You know because Michaels is the alleged reason that her and Billy Ray Cyrus filed for divorce. Of course that is probably just some rumor trying to make Bret Michaels look like a bad guy. We wish Bret Michaels and Kristi Gibson the best of luck with their engagement and marriage.

Next up on the list is Spider-Man on Broadway. With music by Bono of U2 and a production cost that makes it the most expensive Broadway show of all time, Spider-Man is not doing so hot. Monday night as the Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark preview shows continue an actor fell about 10 feet into a pit after a stunt went awry. The actor was admitted to the hospital and there is no word on how he is doing after the Spider-Man stunt incident. The new Spider-Man show was supposed to open in January but has been pushed back for numerous reasons. Michael Cohl, the producer said that the delays are because they are “ironing out the wrinkles.” Here is to hoping that no more of the Spider-Man cast gets hurt while they do so.

Last but not least is Chris Brown; you may refer to him as Chris “Beatdown” Brown, which is perfectly fine by me. It seems as if the singer/dancer turned woman beating piece of crap has completed his yearlong domestic violence course. I mean come on, are we really going to give this guy a pat on the back and welcome him with open arms? Chris Brown hit Rihanna and that will never change, once a woman beater always a woman beater is my philosophy. I could care less if he saved a million abandoned puppies from a burning house, Chris Brown will always be the scumbag that hit RIhanna; end of story.

That about wraps up the morning news for this glorious Tuesday and I look forward to whatever may come as the day progresses.



(1) Reader Comment

  1. Seriously I understand that you don’t like him but you have no right telling his fans that we can’t pat him on the back.

    Now Rihanna had every part of that to. She grew and so did he. Why can’t you see that?

    Atleast he is doing something about that. Do you see everyone that’s not a famous person doing the things he’s doing?

    Serioulsy. Get a life.
    He’s working for his fans. Not for you.
    Chris Brown is amazing and he’s sorry for what he did. Wow, Grow the fuck up and get a life. Thank you. Bye

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