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Perfect Couples Airs After The Sing Off on NBC

Posted by on December 20, 2010 at 8:17 PM EST

perfect-couples-nbcTonight on NBC at 10:00pm, just after the season finale of The Sing Off, we get a special sneak peak at the new show Perfect Couples. Perfect Couples has been developed as a mid-season replacement and will start airing in its normal time slot in mid-January, but the network feels so good about it, they want us to have a little peek at what it is tonight so we have something to look forward to.

Perfect Couples is a sitcom that revolves around three very different couples who are all in different stages of their lives and relationships. Vance and Amy are a passionate couple who have a lot of fights and a lot of sex. Rex and Leigh are that couple that sees themselves as relationships experts and feel they have the perfect relationship and David and Julia are a seemingly normal couple that everyone likes and relates to. Of course, they all have issues – many of them the same issues – that they must work through if they are going to make it as a couple.

The teaser shows Leigh (Olivia Munn) and Rex (Hayes MacArthur) out at a restaurant when she catches him looking at another girl’s boobs. Instead of getting angry she tells him they are just boobs and he needs to stare at them long enough to get them out of his system so they no longer hold power over him. It’s actually a pretty funny scene. Rounding out the case are Kyle Bornheimer as Dave and Christine Woods as Julia (the normal couple) as well as David Walton and Mary Elisabeth Ellis as Vance and Julia (the horny couple).

The show was created by Jon Pollack who worked on such hits as Spin City, Just Shoot Me!, Home Improvement and 30 Rock.

A show like this can be insightful and very funny, but if done incorrectly it can also be pretentious or just plain bad. Here’s to hoping this one is the former. I am a big fan of Olivia Munn and would love to see her stick around have a good show.



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