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Lady Gaga Monster Ball Tour Canceled In Paris

Posted by on December 20, 2010 at 7:57 PM EST

lady gaga parisLady Gaga’s Monster Ball Tour canceled in Paris because of bad weather conditions.

Only Mother Nature can stop Lady Gaga. It has been Lady Gaga’s year. She was unstoppable at the MTV VMAs. She won an American Music Award, two ASCAP awards, two Teen Choice Awards, a ton of Billboard awards and has been nominated for six Grammy Awards.  Nothing could stop the juggernaut that is Lady Gaga as she continues to tour the world on her Monster Ball Tour while awaiting the release of her new album Born This Way. Nothing that is, except Paris, France. It took a snow storm that forced her tour bus and trucks to pull off the roads and not enter Paris to slow her down, but it hasn’t broken her spirit.

Lady Gaga was scheduled to perform at Paris’ Bercy Stadium on Sunday night, but the bad weather derailed the plans. Her entire convoy (28 trucks full of gear) were stopped and detained outside the city because of the bad weather. Two of her employees tried to push pass the blockade so they could put on the show, but they were stopped and arrested.  In the end, Mother Nature won and Gaga had to reschedule.

Lady Gaga tried to pull the show off anyway. She said she even asked if they could let some of the gear through to do a stripped down version of the show, but they were told there would be no power at the venue. Sunday night Gaga tweeted, “I am furious and devastated, it’s unfair to my fans and to me.” Later in the day she sent out another tweet confirming that the show had been rescheduled for Tuesday night and promising that she would give her fans the show of their lives.

It seems like Paris and Lady Gaga have issues. Sunday’s show was actually a make-up show that had been rescheduled from October when she was forced to cancel due to labor strikes in the city. It appears, baring a tornado or earthquake, her now twice delayed Paris show will finally happen on Tuesday night. I have to give her credit. After two delays a lot of people would have given up. Lady Gaga is nothing if not persistent.

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