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Brett Favre Starts Minnesota Vikings on Monday Night Football

Posted by on December 20, 2010 at 7:34 PM EST

vikings bears mnfBrett Favre starts and the Minnesota Vikings will take on the Chicago Bears on tonight’s Monday Night Football match-up on ESPN.

Tonight’s Monday Night Football game has more drama surrounding it than an episode of 16 and Pregnant on MTV.  When the schedule was made before the season this looked like it could be a great match-up that features two teams that many expected to be vying for playoff spots if not the top spot in their division. Chicago Bears are in that position, currently leading the NFC North but the playoffs is the furthest thing from Brett Favre and the Minnesota Vikings minds. The collapse of their season was fully represented last week when the roof of their stadium collapsed and forced the league to move their game to Detroit.

The Minnesota Vikings will have a home game, but tonight’s Monday Night Football will be played on a college field at TFC Bank Stadium. It is expected to be 19 degrees at time of kickoff with a wind chill of -1. They are also expecting 4-6 inches of snow today. All NFL fields have heating coils underneath them so that no matter how cold the weather, the field is not frozen. That is not the case here. The field will basically be a block of ice. Vikings punter Chris Kluwe said that the field is as hard as concrete and that the league is just asking for serious injuries playing on this field. He says tonight’s game is going to be a train wreck.

Add to this the drama surrounding the recent firing of Brad Childress (the Minnesota Vikings head coach), the release of Randy Moss after only a few games and Brett Favre standing on the sidelines after his record setting starting streak came to an end last week and this game could be one, big hot mess. Oddly, Favre himself has been the center of much of the drama surrounding this season with the Vikings. First there was the question as to whether or not he would come back for another season, but that almost seems like it is old news because he does that every year. Then there was the scandal where he allegedly sent pictures of his penis to Jenn Sterger when he played that single season for the Jets. He was then involved with a lot of drama with head coach Brad Childress that ultimately led to Childress getting fired and now injuries have forced him to the sideline for the first time in his career. As of today he was elevated to questionable status. This could mean he might end up as the back-up and if the starter, who is nursing some injuries of his own, goes down due to the bad field conditions Favre could get in the game.

If the field is as bad as the people are reporting it to be, Favre better put the cell phone down and pay attention, he might have to come in and save the day for the Minnesota Vikings.



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