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CBS Survivor Nicaragua Winner and Redemption Island Preview

Posted by on December 20, 2010 at 10:10 AM EST

survivor fabioSurvivor Nicaragua crowned its winner last night on CBS as well as gave us a sneak peak at the next Survivor season and a brand new Redemption Island.

Last night was the season finale of Survivor: Nicaragua on CBS in which a winner was named and if you read my preview/prediction story yesterday I have to admit my prediction was about as far off as you could be. I guess that is what makes the show work; it is very hard to predict. Along with the announcement of who won Survivor last night, we got a little preview of Survivor Redemption Island which looks quite interesting.

The Survivor Nicaragua finale, as every episode, started off right after tribal council. The final five returns to the camp and Fabio knows he is still in trouble. It is basically him and Dan against the alliance of Sash, Chase and Holly. They all celebrate being in the final five then head to bed knowing that they will need their sleep.

This is going to be an action packed episode so they get right into it and move on to the first Survivor Nicaragua immunity challenge of the night. In this challenge the contestants must run out to a spot in a course where they will read a question about Nicaragua. They then have two poles with answers on them. Each pole has a bag of puzzle pieces tied to it. The contestants must select which pole has the correct answer, untie the bag and run back to their starting point where they open the bag. If they chose the correct answer they will have puzzle pieces. If they didn’t the pieces will all be blank and they must run out and get the other bag. They do this three times until they get all three bags of pieces then use those pieces to solve a puzzle that is in the shape of the Survivor logo. It is pretty close at first. Sash, Chase and Fabio are neck in neck. Dan is lagging behind. Fabio makes a mistake on an answer and must run back out. This lets Sash and Chase pull ahead. By the time Fabio has all of his pieces Sash has a good lead, but Fabio is able to quickly work through the puzzle. He catches up fast and as it starts to rain he finishes and wins immunity. This is Fabio’s second win in a row.

Back at camp people are scrambling. It is clear now that Sash has promised everyone at camp that he will take them to the final three. Fabio tries to recruit either Chase or Sash to join him and Dan and vote off Holly. They both seem receptive to it, but won’t commit. At the Survivor tribal council it quickly becomes evident that it will be either Dan or Holly going home. Dan votes for Chase just because he doesn’t like him and everyone else, including Fabio, votes for Dan and he eliminated.

Fabio now knows his chances are getting better, but he is still in major trouble because Chase, Holly and Sash have been tight now for several councils and they seem hesitant to take him to the finals. However both Chase and Sash are hesitant to take Holly as well because they feel like she is well liked among the jury and could win.

The final four of Survivor Nicaragua take the walk where they gather up the torches of all the past contestants and talk about them. Then it is on to the final immunity challenge of the game. It is a simple one. They must hold a staff steady while they balance a stack of coins on top of it. It appears easy, but it quickly becomes evident that this will not last long. Apparently, Survivor is starting to move away from those challenges that can last hours and hours. The challenge movies pretty fast and Fabio, for the third time in a row, wins immunity. He is now guaranteed a spot in the finals and the other three must now come to him in order to get him to vote in a way that benefits them.

At camp Sash, Chase and Holly each take their turns talking Fabio and using different strategies. He listens to them all and clearly loves this position of power. In the end it becomes a question of who he thinks gives him the best chance of winning. At tribal council Probst gives them each one last chance to suck up to the Fabio then the votes are cast. In a 3-1 vote Holly is voted off. The final three are Sash, Fabio and Chase.

The next morning they are greeted with food galore and celebrate getting to the final day. They each ask questions trying to get ammo to use against the others. Fabio suddenly seem a little sharper than maybe he has let on. It is now pretty clear that he has been paying a lot closer attention than a lot of people give him credit for.

At the final Survivor Nicaragua tribal council the three give their addresses to the jury. Chase says he knows he pissed a lot of people off and he wants them to hammer him with the questions so he can be honest and tell them why he did things. Sash tells them he has outwitted and outplayed everyone and that he has had alliances with everyone and truly been a survivor. Fabio tells them that his strategy was one where he wanted to be everyone’s friend and be the guy everyone liked and that he is smarter than people think and just winning three immunities in row when the pressure is on is proof that he is worthy.

The Survivor jury comes with their questions. Some are better than others and Chase does a good job of explaining why he played the way he did. Both Dan and Jane tear into Sash and call him a scumbag. The best moment is when Marty congratulates Sash, says nothing to Fabio but then wants Chase to tell him who the dumbest box of hammers in the game. Chase can pick himself if he wants or any jury member, Sash or Fabio but not Marty was (clearly Marty wants Chase to name himself as the dumbest player in the game). Chase tells him it isn’t him or any of the final three. He then says it is a BS question because the only real answer is that it is Marty and since he can say him he can’t answer it. Marty is smug as always and goes back to his seat. Benry wanted Sash to tell him why he chose him to vote out and what was it about him that made him a good mark. Sash actually does a pretty good job of explaining it. Chase explains that he played the way he did so that he could have an alliance of people he trusted, but he had a backup plan in case that alliance crumbled. Jane asked Chase what he would do with the money. Chase said he would give $100,000 to a charity his family started in honor of his father who had cancer then died of a heart attack due to complications from the cancer and he would take care of his mom. When Fabio was asked whether having his mom show up for the loved one challenge fueled him to make the run he did he broke down and started sobbing over her, but said yes, if helped inspire him and he wants to win to be able to help her.

When all the questions are asked the final votes are tallied. It is a very close vote, but by a 5-4 margin Fabio wins Survivor Nicaragua. Chase came in second with 4 votes and Sash got zero votes. During the Survivor reunion special we find out that Fabio plans to use the money to do some kind of crazy thing that involves art and connecting people from all over the world. It sounds like he will either be wildly successful with it, or broke very soon. Either way, Fabio is the winner of Survivor: Nicaragua.

There was also a preview for the next season which starts February 16th 2011. Jeff Probst says that it was inspired by a lot of people being angry that NaOnka and Purple Kelly quit and still got to be on the jury. The next season of when you are voted off you go to a place called Survivor Redemption Island. There you live and wait for the next person to be voted off. When there are two people on the island they will compete head to head. Winner stays, loser is out of the game. At some point that person from Survivor Redemption Island will be allowed to reenter the game. It sounds like it could be pretty cool.



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