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Survivor Nicaragua: Live 2010 Finale Preview

Posted by on December 19, 2010 at 6:04 PM EST

survivor nicaragua finale 2010Survivor Nicaragua finale is just hours away. Who will win the 2010 Survivor competition?

It all comes down to the Survivor Nicaragua finale tonight. 39 days in the jungles of Nicaragua and we are down to five. Well, as of this writing they have only really shown about 36 of those days. Going into the last few days it really could be anyone’s game. Sunday night the two hour season finale if Survivor: Nicaragua airs. It is actually more like a three hour finale because they have the two hour final show, but they don’t read the final vote until the start of the one hour reunion show that always airs right after. Of course you don’t have to watch the reunion show past the first few minutes to find out who the winner is, but it is always kind of fun to see how people feel about the game now that they are away from it.

Going into the Survivor Nicaragua finale Sash, Chase and Holly really can guarantee themselves a spot in the final four so long as they stick together. It is simple. They vote out either Dan or Fabio. If one of those two wins immunity they vote the other one out. I actually think if Fabio doesn’t win, that is what is going to happen. However, if he does win immunity I think we might see the alliance break up. I think most of the remaining contestants want to take Dan into the finals with them because they feel like he will not get any votes. If Fabio wins and Chase, Holly or Sash decides they don’t want to lose Dan we could see one of them switch sides.

We are guaranteed at least a couple of tribal councils. Most likely there will be two. The first will take the group down to four remaining members then the second will take it down to three. If they decide to go with just two final contestants we will see a third tribal take place before the final one where the contestants face the jury.

We are bound to see the annual segment where the final three (or two) take a walk and gather the torches of the previous Survivor Nicaragua cast members (many of which we as viewers will barely remember) and say something nice about them. We will also most likely see some kind of patience/stamina challenge to determine who wins the final immunity of the game. Those are both Survivor traditions so I would look for them to continue.

At the final Survivor tribal council it could be interesting. There are a lot of hard feelings towards Chase and many people have been very vocal of how poor of a contestant Dan has been so it will be interesting to see what the jury asks them if either of those two make it to the final.

My Survivor Nicaragua finale prediction is as follows: I think Fabio will not win the next immunity challenge and he will be voted out. At the next challenge Chase or Sash will win immunity and they decide that they have the best chance to win if it is the two of them and Dan in the final three so they blindside Holly and vote her out. From there I think it will be Sash that wins it all. I think there are too many hard feelings towards Chase and I think Dan did too little. But, this is just my opinion and I have been dead wrong several times this season.

One thing is for sure, it should be a lot of fun. Tune in Sunday night (tonight) at 8pm on CBS to see the season Finale of Survivor: Nicaragua.



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