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Donovan McNabb Benched Third String QB for Redskins

Posted by on December 19, 2010 at 11:15 AM EST

donovan mcnabbDonovan McNabb was benched by Washington Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan and moved to 3rd string QB status.

There are times when I am just about to fade into sleep where I often fantasize about being a beat reporter for the Washington Redskins. Not because they are a storied NFL franchise with Hall of Fame roots, but because ever since Dan Snyder bought the team they have been one big sloppy mess of a soap opera. There would be more drama to report on than if you were covering the Showtime series Dexter. And this week with Donovan McNabb that drama is on full display.

Let’s go back for a second and see how we got here. In the offseason Snyder was once again looking for a new head coach. He hired Mike Shanahan. Shanahan is the sixth different coach of the team since Snyder bought them in 1999. He also brought in star quarterback Donovan McNabb who – until then – had spent his entire career with the Philadelphia Eagles. There was a lot of hope surrounding the team. They had a guy who many perceived as a great head coach and most people assumed McNabb would be motivated since his old team was in the same division ad he now has something to prove. On opening night in a messy game with the Dallas Cowboys Donovan McNabb helped the team pull out a win. Never mind the terrible coaching choices now former Cowboy head coach Wade Phillips made during the game.

Coaching choices aside, they won the game and beat the hated Cowboys. Things were off to a winning start. Maybe this was going to work. But the good times didn’t last. They lost their next two games and there were rumors that Donovan McNabb was not happy. Shanahan even benched McNabb in the last two minutes of the game against the Detroit Lions. He says he didn’t feel he was in good enough physical shape to run the two minute offense. Clearly things were not good in Redskin land. Although the very next week McNabb signed what appeared to be a long term, big contracts to stay in D.C. When you see the deal it looks more like a way to get him more money up front and have options for keeping him down the road.

Going into this week against the rival Cowboys, Shanahan has benched Donovan McNabb. Not just benched him, he has made him the third string QB on the team. The word is that Redskin Offensive Coordinator (and son of Mike Shanahan) Kyle Shanahan and McNabb do not get along and have butted heads all year. This all came to a head in the last few weeks because the Redskins have done nothing but falter while the Eagles and New York Giants continue to play well and crush any hope the Redskins had of the playoffs.

There are, of course, rumblings that Shanahan will now be fired and they will bring in someone who can work with Donovan McNabb. There are also rumors that McNabb will be traded in the offseason. In deciding which guy should go I will ask you this simple question. Since John Elway retired in 1999 how many playoff games has a Mike Shanahan coached team won? The answer is one. Donovan McNabb has seven. I think that is all you need to know.



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  1. Jeff Kane,

    What is going on with this coach? I hope they get it together soon because I want to see Donavan play.

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