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Julianne Hough Banned Video!

Posted by on December 17, 2010 at 6:37 PM EST

julianne houghJulianne Hough banned from CMT with her new “Is That Song Wrong” Video.

While Julianne Hough may have been just the right amount of hot and sexy when she was on Dancing with the Stars, she is too hot to handle for CMT. She recently released a new video for her song “Is That So Wrong” and apparently the answer from CMT is yes, that is so wrong. Wrong enough that they banned the video from playing on their network.

The video starts out innocently enough. It is a song about Julianne Hough wanting someone to hold and someone to love. She bumps into a handsome guy while carrying some stuff and in the collision she drops some flowers and doesn’t realize it. She then goes to her new apartment and starts to wonder if she will be all alone here. As the video starts to come to an end and the song picks up its pace Julianne Hough starts showing off those moves that made her a DWTS favorite. She does what might be the most elaborate striptease I have ever seen as she rolls and takes off her jacket then does a few more sexy moves and somehow slides out of her shirt. It is almost like watching a magic act. She is left on the bed in her bra and short, Daisy Duke style, cutoffs as she writhes around a little bit and does her best Britney Spears. As the video comes to an end she scrambles to get dressed and answer the door. Who should be there? None other than Mr. Handsome holding the flowers Julianne Hough had dropped.

It makes me wonder where their limit is. Sure, the video is very sexy and Julianne Hough looks amazing. The dancing at times is pretty sexy as well. But is this anything that Shania Twain wasn’t doing back when she was ruling the charts? Shania may not have shown as much skin, but she was plenty sexy. There have also been a few videos that have featured LeAnn Rimes in her t-shirt and panties. While LeAnn wasn’t dancing around, it was her in her underwear which is as much or less than Julianne is wearing here. Yet they were never banned. It is kind of interesting. I find myself wondering at times if sometimes if the country music establishment doesn’t like it when people try to cross over into it. I’m not saying they are discriminating, but just seems a little convenient to me. I have a feeling if it were Faith Hill that did this video they would rave about how great she looked, they wouldn’t be banning it.

Enjoy the Julianne Hough – Is That So Wrong banned video below:



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