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Kanye West and Lady Gaga’s Meat Dress!

Posted by on December 17, 2010 at 7:18 PM EST

lady gaga kanye westKanye West and Lady Gaga are number one on MTV’s Man/Woman of the Year list for 2010.

Over the last week MTV has been counting down their top five men and women of the year. Today they announced their picks for the Man of the Year (Kanye West) and Woman of the Year (Lady Gaga). MTV’s Woman of the Year may come as no big surprise. She had a Monster (no pun intended) year by any standard. Her enormous, ongoing tour was one of the top grossing tours of the year, she continued to sell records at a decent pace even though her album is more than a year old and she took home just about every award she was nominated for. Lady Gaga did all of this while taking on the “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” policy towards gays in the military and keeping us all talking about her crazy, wild fashion. I think it is fair to say she had a pretty good year.

The Man of the Year is Kanye West. To some this might be a surprise, but not to others. He has ridden the highs and lows this year. His year started with him suffering some very bad publicity stemming from his interrupting of Taylor Swift at the VMAs and the backlash that came with. Only then to come back to this year’s VMAs and steal the show with his closing number. He had what seemed like mental breakdowns on Twitter and even disappeared for a little while to get his head together. As the year slowly came to an end he started leaking songs from his new record. Then he put out a 30 minute long video featuring music from the upcoming record. As the record itself, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, finally hit the shelves it was everything you could have wanted. At once brilliant, insane and over the top, the album has landed at the top of many critics lists of the best albums of the year and it debuted at the top of the Billboard charts. Kanye West even said he was sorry for the things he had said several years ago about George Bush, but of course as he squashed his beef with Bush he started a new one with Matt Lauer. That is part of what makes Kanye West who he is.

Rounding out the rest of the list is a who’s who of hot names in the music industry. Ladies first : #5 was Nicki Minaj, #4 was Jersey Shore’s Snooki, #3 Taylor Swift and #2 Katy Perry. I wonder how the hell Snookie makes the list and I wonder why Swift is #3 and not #2. In my book if your record sells a million copies its debut week, you are having a pretty damn good year.

The remaining men on the list are: #5 Lil Wayne, #4 Drake, #3 Justin Bieber and #2 Eminem. While you could make a legit argument for Eminem being #1 based solely on the level of his comeback, the rest of this list seems pretty obvious. Drake may not be a household name, but he was everywhere this year and not only had a hit album, but seemed to guest on half the hip hop records released.

So there you have it, MTV’s top 5 men and women of the year with Lady Gaga and Kanye West sitting atop the pack at number one. Agree? Disagree? Who got snubbed?



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