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Shelley Malil Life in Prison

Posted by on December 17, 2010 at 11:56 AM EST

shelley malil40 Year Old Virgin Shelley Malil was sentenced to life in prison stemming from his assault on Kendra Beebe.

40 Year Old Virgin Shelley Malil assaulted his girlfriend Kendra Beebe and was just sentenced to life in prison. Malil did not kill his girlfriend Kendra Beebe but he attempted to via premeditated murder. That was enough for the jury to find him guilty and sentence him to life in prison.

Shelley Malil might have made it big with his role in 40 Year Old Virgin but now the actor will spend life behind bars. No matter how famous you are, conducting a premeditated attempted murder on your girlfriend (Kendra Beebe) is not going to fly with the law.

We originally covered the Shelley Malil – Kendra Beebe incident back in September. Malil supposedly caught Kendra Beebe in the backyard with another man and went all Jason Voorhees on her with a kitchen knife. Shelley Malil stabbed Kendra Beebe repeatedly, sending her to the hospital. While Malil did not kill Beebe, he certainly traumatized her for life. [read full story]

Despite having not killed Kendra Beebe, I think the life in prison sentence is completely fair. The guy had intent to kill and Beebe is probably lucky that she survived. Of course Shelley Malil will be eligible for parole after 12 years of his sentence and I can almost guarantee he will be released then. Hopefully he will be permanently restricted from using steak knives ever again.

We wish Kendra Beebe the best of luck with her life and hope Shelley Malil enjoys his life in prison.



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