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2010 Michael C. Hall Julia Stiles Dexter Scandal

Posted by on December 16, 2010 at 3:08 PM EST

julia stiles michael c hallMichael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter filed for divorce earlier this week and rumors are already starting that the reason behind the Dexter break up was Julia Stiles.

Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter divorcing have sparked rumors and sheer chaos for Dexter fans. Sources close to Hall and Carpenter say the two co-stars have been separated for quite some time. They are just now filing for divorce. That being said, did Julia Stiles have a hand in their separation?

Julia Stiles was introduced to the Dexter cast for this past season 5. Stiles played Lumen, Dexter’s (Michael C. Hall) newfound on-screen love interest. Now folks, before we got pointing fingers at Stiles and calling her a “homewrecker,” let’s try and get the facts straight. We have no way of telling whether or not Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter were split up before or after Julia Stiles appeared into the picture. Of course if it comes to light that the Hall-Carpenter duo was still happily in love post-Stiles then speculations would arise.

For right now though, let’s lay off the rumors that Julia Stiles had anything to do with Michael C. Hall’s divorce with Jennifer Carpenter. I think the more important issue at hand is the upcoming Dexter Season 6 which was just given a green light. It will be very interesting to see how Hall and Carpenter act on-screen now that they are divorced.

Stay tuned for updates about Dexter Season 6 and any new information we receive about Michael C. Hall and Julia Stiles.



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