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Survivor Nicaragua Recap: Countdown to Season Finale!

Posted by on December 16, 2010 at 11:32 AM EST

survivor nicaragua janeSurvivor Nicaragua is down to five people as the season finale will air Sunday night.

The drama got ratcheted up a notch on the newest episode of Survivor: Nicaragua. As the group came back from tribal council where Benry was blindsided and voted out it became pretty clear to Fabio and Dan that they were next on the chopping block. Sash still talked to Fabio and made him think he was in the fold and all was well when in reality things are not good for him. Deep down Fabio knows it because he says he feels he must win the next immunity challenge.

The Survivor group gets treemail that has a Sprint 4G phone in it containing video messages from home for all the contestants. They all get emotional and break down. At the reward challenge Jeff Probst brings out their loved ones and everyone has a happy, tearful reunion. Probst is especially impressed with the affection Dan’s son showers on him. He then tells them that the family members will be participating in the reward challenge. The challenge is a simple one. Each contestant and their family member work as a team. The contestant must jump into a pool and retrieve two bags of puzzle pieces. They have to jump in and climb out twice because you can only bring the bags out one at a time. Once their loved one has both bags they open them up and crossword puzzle style they must come up with what the three word phrase is. It is pretty close, the contestants are motivated and Dan, as per usual is way behind. By the time Dan gets his second bag the rest of the groups are half done and his son never really has a chance. It is a very close race, but Chase’s mom pulls out the win. She and Chase will be going on a scenic cruise down the coastline. While on board they will celebrate with plenty of good food and drink. Chase is told he can pick one team to go with him. He picks Sash and his mom. He is then told he can pick another team and after some hard thought he takes Holly and her husband. The problem is he promised Holly, Jane and Fabio he would take them if he won again. He apologizes and Fabio breaks down crying and pleading, but the deal is done. Fabio’s mom hugs him and tells him to get his head back in the game.

While on the Survivor Nicaragua reward Sash, Holly and Chase gorge themselves. They assume this is the last good meal they will get since there are only four days left so they are filling up.  They decide right there that the three of them will be the final three and that if Fabio doesn’t win immunity they will vote him out next.

Back at camp Jane and Fabio are both pissed at Chase. The two of them and Dan talk about what to do about it, but it doesn’t go much further than them venting their frustration.

The next day the Survivor Nicaragua immunity challenge turns out to be a good one. Each contestant is attached to a rope. The rope is strung through an obstacle course. At one end of the course is a finished coat of arms puzzle and puzzle pieces in bags. At the other is the empty coat of arms puzzle. They must make their way, blindfolded, through the course – going over or under obstacles based on how the ropes are set – then use their hands to feel all the details and placement of the pieces on the finished coat of arms. They then grab their bags of puzzle pieces and make their way back through the course to the empty coat of arms and fill it in from memory. Remember, all of this is done blind. There are a few people who make their way through the course quickly, feel the coat of arms and head back. I think you can guess who is slow and behind. As they all make their way to the empty coats of arms it quickly becomes a two man race between Fabio and Chase. Fabio finishes first, but has a piece wrong (yes, to further mess with you they put incorrect extra pieces that aren’t used in the bags). Chase pushes hard, but Fabio quickly figures out his mistake and wins immunity.

Fabio’s win on last night’s Survivor Nicaragua throws Chase, Sash and Holly’s plan for a loop. They now much choose between Jane (who still thinks she is in their alliance) and Dan. Sash and Holly (as well as Dan and Fabio for some reason) all want to vote Jane. Chase isn’t sure. As Holly, Sash and Chase talk Jane approaches them and she asks them if it is Dan and they don’t say anything. Holly then tells Jane that she is the one they are voting out. Jane is clearly shocked. She gets pissed and flips them off. She stomps off mad as hell. Clearly she felt she was still in the loop and she is hurt by this. Back at camp she grabs a bucket of water and puts out the fire. She says she started it, she’s putting it out.

At last night’s Survivor Nicaragua tribal council things start to come out and Jane erupts. She calls Holly a thief for stealing Dan’s shoes (if you remember way back at the beginning Holly hated Dan and he bragged about how his shoes cost $1400 so one day she stole them and put them in the water, destroying them). She tells Chase he is a turncoat and a liar and is pissed off. Jeff Probst pushes the point and asks her if she knew Holly, Chase and Sash were going to vote her off, why not get with Fabio and Dan and try to fight back, at least force a tie vote. She points out that it would be a good idea she, Dan and Fabio vote for Holly because Chase and Sash have hidden immunity idols. Since tonight is the last night they can play them everyone knows they will play them. Dan and Fabio seem open to it and suddenly Holly is nervous. Maybe at the last minute Jane can force a tie vote.

In the end it was all talk. Chase and Sash used their hidden immunity idols, Fabio chose to keep his immunity necklace and everyone voted for Jane except for Jane who voted for Sash. Why Jane didn’t follow her own plan and vote Holly nobody knows.

Jane is out, five are left. The two hour season finale of Survivor: Nicaragua airs on Sunday.



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