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Hulk Hogan Wedding Smackdown

Posted by on December 15, 2010 at 7:36 PM EST

hulk hoganHulk Hogan’s wedding with Jennifer McDaniel turned into a royal rumble when a fight broke out.

I guess it wouldn’t have been a Hulk Hogan wedding if there wasn’t some WWE Smackdown action going on. Yesterday Hulk Hogan married his girlfriend (who oddly looks very much like his daughter) Jennifer McDaniel. They intended to have a quiet ceremony in an intimate setting at his home in Clearwater Florida with only a select few very close friends and family invited.

During the wedding ceremony a photographer, Robert Martinez, crashed the wedding trying to get pictures of the happy couple. A security guard, Ron Howard (no, not the director) confronted the man and told him that he needed to leave. Martinez allegedly put his forearm across Howard’s throat and pushed him away while yelling, “I’m packing a gun!” So while Hulk Hogan and his bride were inside swapping vows the security and members of the wedding party were putting the smack down all over Martinez. The police were called and when they arrived they were told the entire story and no one was arrested since nobody from either party wanted to press charges.

Supposedly Martinez kept the camera rolling throughout the entire Hulk Hogan wedding with Jennifer McDaniel so eventually you know the footage will be released and we will get to see exactly what went down. There is no word on if The Rock appeared from nowhere and dropped The People’s Elbow all over Martinez.



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