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Survivor Nicaragua Preview: Annual Family Challenge

Posted by on December 15, 2010 at 5:21 PM EST

survivor nicaragua finaleTonight Survivor Nicaragua will air its family affair challenge as we prepare for the finale.

As we head into tonight’s episode of Survivor: Nicaragua things are getting tense as it comes down to the wire. Last week saw Benry get blindsided and voted out leaving his alliance in shambles. Now Fabio and Dan are in a pretty precarious position. If Fabio fails to win immunity tonight there is a strong chance that he will be going home. Dan, who sucks at everything, is probably still safe because he is the guy I think most people would want to take to the final.

This week on Survivor is the annual visit from the family members and family challenge episode. All of the remaining contestants will have a family member arrive to visit them then they will join them in a challenge that involves some kind of swimming. Expect tears and screaming. This will most likely be the reward challenge.

In a preview of one of the Survivor Nicaragua challenges (probably the immunity challenge, although they are being pretty tight lipped about it) we see the contestants compete in something they call “Coat of Arms.” Each person is tied to a rope and blindfolded. They must follow the rope over and through a variety of obstacles to retrieve parts to their coat of arms. They have a completed version at their starting point and they must feel the shapes of the pieces and their location on the finished version then correctly assemble their own while remaining blindfolded. This could be anyone’s challenge (except for Dan who will have trouble getting through the course).

It also looks like Jane has a bit of a fit as she douses a fire and yells at her Survivor Nicaragua tribe mates. It looks like this far in, people are starting to wear on each other’s nerves.

The Survivor Nicaragua season finale is Sunday. There are six left which will become five tonight then Sunday we will crown a champion. I expect there to be some back stabbing and manipulation tonight as everyone fights to get into the final three.



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