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Heidi Jones Faces Jail Time For Filing False Report

Posted by on December 15, 2010 at 3:58 PM EST

heidi jonesHeidi Jones, the ABC weather woman could face jail time for filing a report of a rape that never happened.

So ABC weather woman Heidi Jones has been suspended, for lying to the cops about rape. Jones claimed that a man had attacked and attempted to rape her while she was jogging in Central Park. The story was suspicious from the get go, with Jones not reporting the incident until two months after the alleged incident.

The police investigated the story by reviewing surveillance footage from the day that Heidi Jones was supposedly attacked. The police were also told by Jones after she reported the incident that the man had been harassing her. Jones quoted the man as saying, “I know you went to the police.”

When Heidi Jones was repeatedly questioned, however, police knew that something was up; there were inconsistencies in her story and something didn’t feel right about her story. When police brought up the plot holes and inconsistencies in her story, Jones confessed that she had invented the entire story. Her motive? Poor Heidi hadn’t been getting enough attention. Things were less than satisfactory in her personal life and what better than a rape story to get sympathy from people?

Clearly, there is something wrong with Heidi Jones. Now Jones has more attention than she could have ever hoped for, with a suspension from her station to boot. Maybe Jones doesn’t realize that false rape accusations affect more people than the accuser…stories like this impact the plausibility of true rape stories, and can negatively impact victims who have really been raped by prompting people to call into question whether the crime actually happened.

Heidi Jones has always been an upbeat and cheerful forecaster. Wonder if there are dark skies ahead in her future. If convicted, Jones faces up to a year in prison, and a $1,000 fine. Honestly, Heidi Jones could use the time in jail to think about her actions. It might also be a good way to duck the public spotlight following this pathetic sham.

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